Guitar and Ukulele


Getting Ready – Guitar

How to tune

How to tune using an electronic device

Guitar – How to read tablature 

Guitar- Warm-up Wednesdays

Getting Ready – Ukulele

How to tune a ukulele using a piano or keyboard

How to tune a ukulele with an electronic tune

Ukulele family and parts of the ukulele

How to hold the ukulele

Ukulele- Four String Warm-up for Beginners

Ukulele- Three Basic Chords

Guitar/Ukulele- Compose your own piece- rhythms walk through

Technique – Guitar

Guitar – Hammer ons and pull offs 

Guitar – Rhythms 

Scales & Arpeggios – Guitar

Guitar – A Minor Pentatonic Scale 

Chords – Guitar

Guitar – Learn to play chords A, D & E

12 Bar Blues – Guitar

Guitar – 12 bar blues for bass 

Guitar – 12 bar blues A, D and E riffs 

Pieces to Play – Guitar

Guitar – Ode to Joy

Guitar – Dead or Alive

Guitar – Bellyache

Guitar – Paint it Black

Guitar – Eleanor Rigby

Guitar – House of the Rising Sun

Guitar – I got a feeling

Guitar – Fake Plastic Trees

Guitar – Impossible

Guitar – Shape of you

Guitar – Take me to Church

Guitar – Lockdown Licks/Riffs Volume 1

Guitar – Lockdown Licks/Riffs Volume 2

Guitar – Cool Riffs