Graphic Organisers

What are graphic organisers?

A graphic organiser provides a method for learners to organise their ideas before they express their thoughts in speech or writing.

Graphic organisers help to scaffold learning and are recommended by EAL practitioners and researchers such as Jerome Bruner, Pauline Gibbons and Derryn Hall.

Some graphic organisers may also be referred to as concept maps or mind maps, though the latter term is not often used in recent years.

Whether they are concept maps or four square strategy pages, graphic organisers provide a visual method for EAL learners to organise their ideas.

EAL Graphic Organiser Resources

Freeology - Graphic Organizers
Over 100 printable graphic organizers for a wide variety of topics.
Education Oasis - Resources for Teachers by Teachers
A wide array of graphic organisers suitable for different uses.
HMH - Free Graphic Organizer Templates
Graphic organiser templates to help students classify ideas and communicate more effectively