Swansea Virtual School

Blended and distance learning is the new normal. In Swansea we like to be proactive when it comes to children’s education.

We hope that Swansea Virtual School will help to enable parents, carers, teachers, academics, and education staff to fulfil their roles in providing pupils and young people with educational opportunities that help them succeed throughout life.

Free Lessons by Teachers

We think Swansea’s teachers are fantastic. Some of them have kindly provided free online lessons that will help young people learn when at home.

Resources for Teachers

Learning never stops. Our teachers are lifelong learners and we have curated online resources that will help them continue with that journey.

Swansea Music

Our music service has inspired and enabled some truly great musicians. We are proud to sign post you to resources created to help continue your musical journey when not in the classroom.


Thank You Swansea

Swansea Virtual School is regularly updated to provide the best possible resources to parents, carers, teachers, academics, and education staff. However, our site cannot and does not replace any work that schools and teaching staff provide directly to their pupils. Without the teaching staff, none of this would be possible.

We would like to thank all parents, carers, teachers, academics, and education staff both for their support towards Swansea Virtual School and also towards the young people they care so passionately for. Stay safe. ♥

If you require more information or need the information in an alternative format e.g. large print etc. please contact [email protected].