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What is Blended and Distance Learning?

Blended and Distance LearningBlended learning is a hybrid approach combining traditional classroom instruction with online learning. Blended learning can range from field-trips through supporting pupils at home and other locations.

Distance learning refers to any form of education that takes place remotely without the need for physical face-to-face interaction between teacher and pupil.

Home schooling is both the practice of educating children at home rather than in a traditional school setting, as well as supporting children at home with additional education combined with their school work.

Is your child learning at home through blended or distance learning in Swansea? We have some useful resources, support, and advice that might help you.

Teachers, academics, and education staff in Swansea have come together to create and share some excellent resources to help you with blended and distance learning.

Working from home? We have curated a selection of online courses and resources available for free to teachers, academics, and education staff.


Thank You Swansea

We strive to update Swansea Virtual School on a regular basis to provide the best possible resources to parents, carers, teachers, academics, and education staff.

Our site cannot and does not replace any work that schools and teaching staff provide directly to their pupils. Without the teaching staff, none of this would be possible.

We would like to thank all parents, carers, teachers, academics, and education staff both for their support towards Swansea Virtual School and also towards the young people they care so passionately for. Stay safe. ♥

Swansea Music

Swansea Music aims to provide musical opportunities to pupils at all stages of their learning..

EAL Resources

English/Welsh as an Additional Language resources help pupils and teachers to grow and achieve.

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