Additional Learning Needs

Additional Learning Needs

Additional Learning Needs (ALN) is a term used for people who may need extra support with their learning. It means that some people might find it a bit harder to understand things, or learn new subjects compared to other people, or may require a different method or style of teaching.

Schools can help by making sure children get the help they need so they can learn. The school may start with reasonable adjustments, using different kinds of strategies, tools, or special programmes to make learning and social activities easier for the children.

For example, the school might use an increased number of visual aids or offer working in smaller groups.

There are also other organisations in Wales that can assist parents of children with additional learning needs.

For instance, SNAP Cymru supports parents and carers of children with ALN. They provide advice and guidance on how to best support the child’s learning journey.

Another organisation, the National Autistic Society Cymru, helps children on the spectrum by providing information and resources to schools and families.

The local authority, schools, and organisations aim to work together with parents to make sure every child gets the right support they need to succeed and be happy in their education.