Key Stage 2 – Science and Technology

Key Stage 2 – Science and Technology

Key Stage 2 - Science and Technology
NASA Kids is perfect for space fans. Learn all about the universe we live in by viewing these online videos.


The Children’s University of Manchester website is an excellent interactive resource in which your child can browse a number of different science topics which have a quiz at the end of each unit. Children’s University of Manchester website
Mystery Science – Free science lessons.
Crest Awards – Science awards you can complete from home.
Sublime Science – 101 free and fun science experiments to try at home
SchoolScience – some outside-the-box real-world science news
Science Channel – another science YouTube channel, this time for slightly older kids
The institute of Engineering and Technology – Free teaching resources and classroom activities for students aged 5-16 years including lesson plans, handouts and film clips.
Dyson – Dyson has created 44 engineering and science activities for children to try out while at home during the coronavirus pandemic, from making a balloon-powered car to building a bridge from spaghetti.
From  Key Stage Summary  Biology Resources Chemistry Resources Physics Resources
BBC Bitesize  KS3 Biology revision & questions for KS3 pupils Resources    
BBC Bitesize  KS3 Chemistry revision & questions for KS3 pupils   Resources  
BBC Bitesize  KS3 Physics revision & questions for KS3 pupils     Resources
Twitter                         – author unknown at the moment. Sharing your resource is very much appreciated however! KS3 Mini projects for KS3 pupils in Biology, Chemistry & Physics: CELLS, INTERDEPENDENCE, VARIATION, DIGESTION, RESPIRATION, PARTICLES, ACIDS & ALKALIS, SEPARATING MIXTURES, CHEMICAL REACTIONS, ATOMS & ELEMENTS, HEATING & COOLING, ELECTRICITY, ENERGY, FORCES & PRESSURE, LIGHT, SOUND, MAGNETISM,  Resources Resources Resources
BBC Bitesize  KS2 Science Resources Resources Resources




Blockly – Learn computer programming skills – fun and free
Scratch – Creative computer programming
Hour of Code – Short coding games with small challenges
Minecraft – Online coding/gaming platform that can be used for educational purposes. This can be downloads and accessed using Hwb credentials
iDEA Awards – Digital enterprise award scheme you can complete online
Amazon Future Engineer is helping to meet students needs by launching a free virtual coding programme – in partnership with Fire Tech
iCompute supports schools with primary computing schemes of work with free resources during school closures