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Barri Moc - Remote and Distance Learning Blogs

See it from their prospective

A blog post in the prospective of a learner

Remote Learning – Tips for Teachers

Tips for teachers to consider in developing their approach to remote learning

Online Lesson – Doug Lemov Blog

Online lessons: George Bramley wins the battle of Hastings

Designing great assessment - Evidence Based Education

The case for using multiple choice questions for accurate assessment 

Communicating Effectively with Families: Guide for Schools

Communicating with families during Covid-19

Rapid Assessment Evidence – Distance Learning

Approaches that schools
could use, or are already using, to support the learning of pupils while schools are closed

John Hattie

Visible Learning Effect Sizes When Schools Are Closed: What Matters and What Does Not

Example Distance Lessons – Jon Hutchinson’s school of twitter fame

 In this blog post there is guidance on how to set up a distance learning protocol and platform.

Jon Hutchinson’s Blog

Example lesson

All videos the schools are posting can be found here: Online Lessons