Getting Ready

Embouchure – Basics
Embouchure – Follow Up and Troubleshooting
Flute – Setting Up

Beginner’s Material

Lesson 1 – B, A, and G

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Lesson 2 – B, A, and G

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Lesson 3 – B, A, and G

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Beginner’s Songs

Annie’s Song
God Save the Queen
Mr. Frog’s Wedding
Thank You Very Much

Beginner’s First Notes

First Sounds & B
Moving on to A
Playing a G
Playing an F
Playing a Low E
Playing a C
Playing Upper Notes from E to C

Scales and Arpeggios

B Flat Major to a Twelfth
F Major 2 Octaves
Top Eb and F
Bb Major to a Twelfth
Grade 1 – Scales
Grade 4 – Minor Scales
Grade 4 – Major & Chromatic Scales
Grade 4 – Arpeggios and Dominant Seventh

Musical Arrangements to Play

Twinkle Twinkle and the Note D
You Are My Sunshine
Piece Pour Flute et Piano
Four by Four
Mexican Hat Dance
Boiling Point
Music Hall
Prelude (Accompanied Lesson)
Poulenc Flute Sonata
A Musical Joke – Part 1

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A Musical Joke – Part 2

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On and Off Blues