Primary – Numeracy

Below are the lessons, created by Swansea Teachers, for learners to be able to access at home during school closures and phased school reopening. 

If learners watch the short, enjoyable lessons and produce anything from them, please feel free to send them to your school, email them to us, or share them on social media if you are over 13 years old, using the hashtag #SwanseaVirtualSchool.

It will be great to see what has been created and completed!

Numeracy Coordinates in the 1st Quadrant
Multiplying 2 Digit Numbers by 1 Digit Numbers
Calculating Discounts in Sales
Line Graphs
Countdown Challenge – 1
Introduction to Percentages
Cheaper or More Expensive
Doubling by Partitioning
Ice Cream Challenge
Measuring Water Wastage at Home
Fractions of Amounts