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Chartered teaching college resources here to support remote learning:

Remote and blended learning


The ResearchEd event that took place over the weekend, virtually

Research Ed Durrington

Evidence Based Education

Assessment and feedback in an online context (podcast)

Assessment and feedback in an online context

The Science of Learning (podcast)

The Science of Learning

Designing Great Assessment (pdf guide)

EBE Podcast Archive

Podcast Archive

Online Lesson – Doug Lemov Blog

Online Lessons: George Bramley Wins the Battle of Hastings

Number 1 Problem in Teaching – Tom Sherrington

Kitchen Pedagogy – Tom Sherrington


 Series   1
 Series  2

Rosenshine Masterclass – Tom Sherrington


Intro and Research Session 1 PDF- Rosenshine- Intro and Research- Twitter
Sequencing Concepts and Modelling Session 2 PDF- Rosenshine- Sequencing and Modelling – Twitter
Questioning PDF- Session 3- Rosenshine- Questioning
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Review PDF- Session 4- Rosenshine- Daily Weekly Monthly Review
Stages of practice and conclusion PDF-Session 5 Rosenshine Stages of practice.pdf


WalkThrus – Tom Sherrington & Oliver Caviglioli